Theory vs Practice – My Sheet Painting Story

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When ‘Splendor of China‘ show committee called and asked me to participate in this year’s show, I agreed. It is coming up the end of October at the Blaisdell Honolulu. Since our company focuses on products that are green & eco friendly and are made from bamboo fabric, I was thinking to have a green background (green waves or bamboo painting) for our booth at the exhibition. It will need to be a painting on fabric on a normal flat bed sheet. The question then was: how to get it done.

The first person came to my mind who could help with this task was my sister Liying. She has been learning to paint and she progressed so fast that her works so far has shocked her art professors from China. Anyway, she agreed to try, but she does not have all the tools and place to paint on a fabric sheet. When talking and thinking about this task, all the obstacles made it too hard to do. My sister’s husband’s comment was that it was a crazy idea, not realistic at all.

So in theory, what I intended to do is impossible, or at least impossible to have it done in an affordable way.

When I gave up asking around for help, I did not give up on the idea. I decided to try it myself. So my forever supportive husband and I drove to the art store and bought some green acrylic paint and a brush. The story afterwords was that last night, I spent 4 hours on my kitchen floor, with my mom helping me stretching the sheet at the beginning, with card boards as my paint brushes, I got what I envisioned! It is nothing like a professional work, but it serves the purpose well.

My point of sharing this story is that, sometimes, maybe a lot of times, there is a big difference between theory and practice. Qigong and Taichi learning process is exactly the case. When we really want to know what Qigong and Taichi is all about, we need to do it, put it into practice instead of only rolling it over and over in the head.

I am relating this story to my other post of ‘Pao Zhuan Yin Yu’, to emphasize the importance of practice. Many people I have come across over the years are very good with theories. Their mind is more interested in knowing by reading and researching with little practice done. But in journey of learning Taichi and Qigong, one really have to put time and energy into practice without staying only with the theories. If you do that, you will totally miss out!



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