Taichi Class – “Pao Zhuan Yin Yu”

limin Post in Taichi Practice

I used a Chinese phrase in class last week: Pao Zhuan Yin Yu. To translate it directly from the words, it means that when you throw out a piece of brick, it leads out a piece of jade. This phrase refers to situations of teaching and learning, meaning a teacher often can point out something and it is up to the students to make the most out of it.

To use our taichi class as an example, when we cover some strategies in class times, often we can only practice that strategy for a limited number of times since we only have an hour or so each time. So to fully gain the strategy and benefit from it, you may want to practice many more times after we first used it in class.

I guess the whole point of this note is to inspire more practice on one’s own. Taichi is a practice after all, it is not a knowledge or information. You can learn the essence of this art only through practice (mental understanding can be a good foundation of the practice, but it is not always necessarily true).

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