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Wanted to share with you a couple of notes communicated among our taichi class gurus. Hope that it can be helpful to all.

“Hi practice partners:

Thought I’d shoot you a quick email before I forget what Limin discussed this past Sunday.  Her extemporaneous words of wisdom are very good but we often forget what she said by the following week . . . this past Sunday Limin was trying to remember what she discussed the Sunday before.  I remembered her story about her 2 year old son being totally fascinated by the escalator in a department store . . . something that adults take for granted was greatly appreciated by a child.

Limin asked that we try to “dig” when we practice . . . an interesting word.  What images does “dig” produce for you?  “Digging” displaces and removes; if you’re looking for something, “digging” can bring you closer to the object (like buried treasure).  We started a job yesterday (Shirokiya at Ala Moana SC) . . . first phase is demolition . . . my crew is tearing down and “digging” up an area upstairs to prepare for a new food court.  So “digging” may cause things to be a mess for awhile but the end result will be something new and better J!  Limin asked that we concentrate on “digging” the rest of the year when we practice . . . we’ll all find our “treasure”!!

See ya,


I can dig it! Thanks for the recap.
Are you planning to practice today?

“hey guys -
thanks for the note Verna.

In practicing taichi there is always more to experience. In the
beginning it’s remembering motions and form. There is the beginning of
feeling how the body feels with the form in motion. There is feeling
the heavy tailbone and what the effect of the tailbone is on the rest
of the form. There is feeling all motion initiated by the waist, or
feeling turning not by twisting the spine (big danger for me!), but by
sinking action in the pelvis and the groin. There’s what’s going on in
the mind, and different levels of awareness, of quietness, of
activity, of concentration, of action, of thinking of nothing. There
is so much space in taichi, including space between moments, space
between movement. Plenty of space to go into, you could say its going in deeper, like digging is to go deeper into the ground.

————————————– end of notes

I do like to see more discussions and communications among practitioners so we all learn together. Aloha.

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