Relaxation in Taichi Practice – tip two: boneless

limin Post in Taichi Practice

To achieve relaxation in Taichi practice, another tool can be used is ‘feeling softness’ of the body. Imagine our body as something very soft will help achieve this purpose.

A few images were brought up in class, such as a piece of rope, anything that makes you think of softness, even a piece of spaghetti. I mentioned the body of squids. Squid’s body is so soft and flexible, also another helpful observation about them is that no matter how long their arms are, the movements are always from the body (We will talk about that point in another post).

So with the above notes in mind, when you go through the taichi form, imagine our body is anything that is soft to you and keep feeling your body with that image in your mind. It helps softening up the body quite a bit and makes you feel boneless!

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