Relaxation in Taichi Practice – tip one: weightless

limin Post in Taichi Practice

Being able to maximize the relaxation of the body is one of the essential elements in Taichi practice.  It is very obvious that the Qi (energy) and blood in our body will flow much better when our body is relaxed.

In today’s class we continued working on awareness of relaxation when going through the form.  We used the first cross hand since it is most familiar to everyone in class.

One way to relax our body more is to use vision or images that can make our body feel light and weightless.  Visualizing being on the surface of the moon works pretty good for me, but not for everybody, depending on what images had registered into our mind when we first think of the moon surface.

To me, it is a picture of Astronauts floating in the air in their Spacecraft.  So when I think of being on the surface of the moon, I imagine my body floating in the air and I feel lighter almost instantly.  While this moon image worked for most of people in class, a couple of people who didn’t find this helpful used ‘jelly fish’ as the image.  One person said that she thinks of me when trying to feel lighter (a nice complement, thank you), well, use anything that works.

Once our body feel lighter, it automatically relaxes more, especially the joints will relax more.  They are normally very easily tightened up in our practice.

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