Benefit of Mind Focus – Time At The Dentist’s Office

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Yesterday noon I was at my dentist’s office. I had a metal crown on my upper right done many years ago and the corresponding lower tooth has been damaged due to the chewing. So I was told that there were three fillings to be done on this one single tooth. As much as I am not willing to have my teeth drilled, I knew it was not avoidable this time.

When the dentist started preparing for the anesthesia, I started to focus my mind the same way as I do in my meditation, qigong and taichi practice. One thing in common about the mind focus in these practices is that I try to float myself to the lighter side (level/layer) of me.

As the procedure started, I stayed focused. A few times my mind was pulled back to what the dentist was doing since my upper lip was pressed hard by his tool against my teeth and caused bad pain. I was aware of all the drilling and grinding but it didn’t bother me. When the pain was calling for my attention again a couple of times, I let the dentist know and he gave me more anesthesia.

When I was told that it was done, I could not believe that it had been two hours and fifteen minutes since the procedure started. The dentist gave me a total of four anesthesia shots. I thanked my dentist who worked hard and thanked my husband who was patiently waiting. Finally I thanked myself for being able to focus in the way that otherwise it would be a suffering time for me!

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