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Today’s session was a good one for me. As I reported, I had a very busy day that peaked just before our tai chi and qigong classes. While driving to the class, I wasn’t feeling too well and suspected I may be moving toward a relapse of the cold I had contracted the past two weeks. I considered turning around and going home to sleep it off, but decided instead to attend our session.

In the tai chi class, I concentrated on being calm, relaxed and always in good body alignment. In the qigong class, I additionally tried to tune in to the energy around me; i.e., not try to “will” it to do anything, but just making myself receptive to it. It wasn’t until after the qigong session when I reached my car that I realized I wasn’t feeling in bad health anymore; I felt perfectly normal! It’s now about 9:30 pm, and I’m still feeling fine! So, I have to say it was a good session for me!

I had been trying to shake this cold for about two weeks, so the sudden improvement was something I took note of. This incident is one of several that I’ve experienced since joining your tai chi/qigong group – all of which have encouraged me to continue to practice under your effective instruction and guidance (thanks, Limin!). I sincerely believe there is something special here that I have yet to fully discover, but which will help me in the years to come.


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